Residents of the community are reminded concerning a couple specific Guidelines that
have been a recurring source of violation. If you are a Landlord, please discuss these
Guidelines with your tenant(s). It is the Board’s desire to avoid a situation of
enforcement by fine(s).


• Your driveway is the primary parking area. Please only park in the street if
your driveway is full. The street areas should be for visitors.
• Do not park your car facing into the curb.
• West Grove Borough Ordinance: Do not park on the sidewalks. This
incurs expenses for the whole community if damaged.
• West Grove Borough Ordinance: When parking in allowable street
spaces, be courteous. Do not overlap or block driveway entrances. Do
not park in the middle of the cul-de-sacs as you will likely incur a parking
ticket. Please be sure not to dump trash from your vehicles into the
streets. If you see trash in the streets, please pick it up.
• At no time should vehicles be driven or parked on the grass. There are
water lines as well as electrical lines underneath the ground. Damage to
lawn is at the owner’s expense.
• Speed Limit Is 15 MPH within the community.

West Grove Borough Ordinance: Dogs must be licensed & leashed at all times. Other
types of animals must be restricted to your property. You must clean up after
your pet at all times no matter. (This is recurring issue, please be considerate of
your neighbors).

Trash Cans & Recycling Containers: Must be put away in the garage the day of pick-up
service. No containers are allowed out in view.

Article 5.4 of the Bylaws:
Business Use: “No Trade, Business or Profession, except customary home occupations
clearly incidental to the residential use of the dwelling on a Lot and subject to
compliance with and approval of all governmental agencies having jurisdiction thereof,
shall regularly conducted or pursued on any Lot or within or without any structure on
any Lot.

Article 5.7 of the Bylaws:
Vehicles: “No mobile home, bus, house car, motor home, camper, trailer, commercial
vehicle, airplane, boat, unlicensed motor vehicle, snowmobile or other specialized
recreational vehicle, or any inoperative vehicle shall be placed, used, operated,
maintained or stored on or in the Community Facilities including the Common Land nor
upon any Lot or any other part of the Community nor parked on any street within the
Community except for such time as is necessary to load or unload same, or pick up or
discharge passengers therefrom. The Association may remove such vehicles at any
time after three (3) days after notice has been given to the Owners or posted on the
Nothing herein shall prohibit the storage of any of the aforesaid vehicles provided such
storage is completely within a garage and out of sight.”

edited (1st) and re-issue (2nd) on 08/29/2017