Dog walking: Please be considerate when walking you pet...they must be on a leash. The nice weather means residents are outside more and children are playing on their lawns and the community fields. PLEASE pick up after your pet, thus protecting the beauty and sanitation of our community.
Parking: Please do not park vehicles on or across the sidewalk. We have a number of residents using the sidewalks as part of their walking requiem. Parking across the sidewalk and in the cul-de-sacs are violations of Borough Ordinance. Also, please advise your visiting guest.
Trash and Recycle Containers: All containers must be keep out of sight (not in front of the residence) except on collection day. Containers may be placed at the curb the night before next day pickup.
Respect Private Property: Please be considerate of your neighbor's property. Do not walk, run, play, or exercise a pet on another's property. The common grounds offer a vast play area for residents and pets. Please take advantage of those areas.
Changes to Property: If you are planning to make changes to the outside of your home, you must notify the Board (in writing) for architectural review/approval prior to beginning any work.